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Posted by on Feb 10, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Attraction – Encourage Engagement

Attraction - Encourage EngagementHave something valuable for FREE and encourage people to engage with your business before they take out their wallet, is always an effective marketing practice.

However, one of the reason this hasn’t been commonly adopted is that the word “FREE” is so powerful, and even a small investment per item give-away could cost you quite some fortune when the number is up.

The campaign, if controlled badly, could easily be a failure in dollar term.

This has changed completely in Online Marketing!

One of the most revolutionary feature of the digital world is that a lot of stuff can be produced with zero margin cost.

  • If you have a ebook with high-quality content (in a pdf format that people could download), then giving it out for free cost you nothing;
  • If you have a digital flyer/coupon, let people have one more cost you nothing;
  • If you have some video that teach people to do something, you can host it in Youtube and it cost nothing for people to watch it;
  • If your have a good website and people are getting value from it, let them visit cost you nothing;
  • etc, etc…

You get the idea?

What is it for you when you give out something valuable for FREE?

You build trust and credibility.

This will make sure that the ones in your “free” audience, who actually want to pay for the service/product, will buy it from you.

Here is what to do first in applying this “new” strategy in the digital age:

Think of something that you can provide your potential customers for free, in which you show that you have credibility and you are trust-worthy.

Leave a comment below and tell us what idea has come to you mind. :)

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