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La Maison

Website: (former

La Maison is a private kitchen style French restaurant located in an alley in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

This upper floor restaurant has a really cosy atmosphere and serves top quality French cuisine. It was rewarded the “Best French Restaurant 2012″ by UFood magazine in Hong Kong.

Service: Website Design

Before cooperating with GetMoreBizOnline, La Maison only had a static website with a few pages. We came in and reconstructed the site into a full-function system, features included:

  • Full function content management system with multiple users and controlled access;
  • Membership system with incentive program;
  • Self owned “groupon” deal site;
  • On-page Facebook page integration;
  • Better pictures;
  • Promotional videos;
  • Google map setup and route direction;
  • Click to call for phone number (mobile)

We had also taken care of other IT issue such as domain name, hosting, email etc. The owner could send an email and take care of all tech issues hands off.

Service: SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimisation/Marketing)

Having a website doesn’t mean potential customers could see it. One of the best way to make the website a auto customer generator is to rank the website on search engine with related keywords.

We started to optimise the website for the keywords “French Restaurant Hong Kong” at the end of 2010, and achieved top rankings in June 2011. Here is a screen shot:

6-17-2011 10-15-44 AM Google result - french restaurant hong kong (notes)-half

The site had been in the top positions for the related keywords like “french restaurant”, “french restaurant HK” since then.

In July 2012, the owner wanted to expand the restaurant business. On the website front we decided to use “” as a group website, and give each restaurant a separate website. La Maison’s website was changed to “”.

The moving of server is not too big an issue, but for SEO, this required a lot of rework. We did it again after a few months’ hard work. Both the new site and old site are still ranking high on related keywords. Here is a screen shot in Sep 2013:


The restaurant ranked 4th with keyword “french restaurant” on Google Hong Kong.

Update:Dec 26th, 2013 Both 2nd and 4th place Google-Result-french-restaurant-2013-12-26_09-36-52-1000

Weekly menu update – keep the website alive!

The owner is spending a lot of effort every week to offer something new to the customers. This generates a constant momentum of returning customer both to the restaurant and to the website.

During weekend, La Maison will send us an email with the new lunch menu for next week. We will update it on the website, and on Monday we will always see a big flow of returning visitors to the website checking out the menu section.

Lunch time in La Maison is always full! :)

Membership system with incentive program – encourage loyalty and spending

We built a membership for La Maison in Sep 2012. And the first thing membership can do is to accumulate points. The points can be redeem at 5% value during later purchases.

Just like any new system, a key feature is how easy it is for customer to adopt. We designed the system to minimize the hassle in using it.

To encourage customer to be a member:

  1. Staff will ask the customer during payment if he/she would like to become a member and accumulate points with this bill;
  2. The customer only need to tell the staff his/her phone number and email to sign up

That’s it! A super simple  “benefit for info” transaction.The owner of La Maison told me that most customers agreed to the proposition.

Staff member can then login to the system, create a new user with the phone number as username, and fill in the email. The customer will get an email with the login details and check their points log there.

The redeeming process is also easy, the customer can simply let the staff know their phone number, and the staff will do the rest.

In less than a year, the restaurant accumulate lots of customer contacts. These can be used in future marketing.

Here is a graph showing the growth of total membership in the system:

PrivateKitchen Members 201307

What’s even more important is the sales data. Now the business can tell who their top 100 loyal customers are and tailor-make marketing strategies.

On the revenue side, the owner said he felt that this increased returning business by 20-30%.

Realize Groupon Deal Potentials

La Maison had tried groupon deal just like a lot of other local restaurants.

The deals were relatively more successful because the price was set at a level that is not too cheap but still a huge discount from the original price. This price point filtered out the customers who are hunting for one-off deals and never come back, while still encourages the customers who have high budgets in the first place.

But when you already have the customers contact info from past deals, what next? Do you have to pay Groupon 25-50% commission every time you run the deal?

Our solution to this situation is self-owned deal site + email marketing.

We have built a child website for La Maison just for the deals (check it out here, there might not be any active deals depends on the time.)

Using this deal site, La Maison can do follow up marketing without paying commission to others. This means the cost of deal is only the paypal fee (~3%) and that’s it.

Solve Special Day Booking Hassle

Another creative use of self-owned deal site is to help with special day bookings hassles.

For special occasions, the booking for small restaurant could be quite tricky. A no-show on Valentines night  make the restaurant suffer big opportunity cost, but asking for a deposit upfront via bank transfer to cash payment is very troublesome to arrange.

Instead, if the restaurant could prepare a set dinner, we can use the deal site to setup a deal for each time section. Benefits of doing this are:

  • Automatic seats control – the deals could have a upper limit and cannot be overbooked by accident
  • Money upfront – customer need to pay upfront. This make no-show problem go away.
  • Encourage to purchase by peer pressure – customer can see how many seats are left and this will encourage them to act quickly
  • Upfront fees to prepare food material – if you are selling easy to expire product, you don’t want to stock too much. This way the restaurant knows exactly how much to prepare. What’s even better, the business have the pre-sell cash to purchase them.

A self-owned deal site is definitely worth investing if the business already have a decent size of customer contact.

Hope this case could inspire you in your own internet marketing. Drop us an email at if you want to discuss with us.