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Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 in Marketing on Street | 0 comments

Does survey help improve service quality?

Does survey help improve service quality?

This morning when I dropped by my usual Starbucks, ordered my usual $15 HKD short coffee with a tumbler, the staff (who should be the store manager i assumed) asked me to sit down first, while he cleaned my tumbler, filled in with more than a “short” volume of coffee, and brought to me.

He handed me a survey request, together with a delicious piece of chocolate cookie (totally a disturb of my diet plan…), and asked me to fill in a survey online. He mentioned that the score would be important to the store.

Can you guess how many “highly satisfied” I filled in in that survey?

The survey is totally biased since the manager can choose the customer that come back often and should be quite satisfied with the service. But still, making the effort itself is a big improvement of the service quality, no matter how wrongly the result of the survey may be.

A great incentive system for Starbucks. Can you imply this in your service business?

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