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Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization | 0 comments

How to Add Keywords to Website and Get Higher Rankings on Google

How to Add Keywords to Website and Get Higher Rankings on Google

Adding keywords to website is crucial for your website quality to both your audience and search engine. When you design the website, you should have a clear idea about your targeted keywords in mind.


Here are the key benefits for having a clearly defined keyword  for each web pages on your website:

1. Better Readability by adding keywords to website design

Message is more clear

Setting up a keyword as your core for create web pages will give you a clear topic and goal for each piece of content. Doing so will help you generate on-target content faster and make it easier for your audience to understand and follow your call of action.

Content is more relevant to audience (from searching keywords to website reading)

With a keyword, it’s easier to think at your audience’s shoes. Why are they searching this keyword? What are they trying to archive? This helps to create a more relevant angle in creating your content.

2. Advantage in Search Engine Optimization

The information structure of the web page will have a focus on a particular keyword, which is easier for Google to give better rankings regarding to this keyword compared to the other web pages out there that are loosely relevant.

We can put this keyword in the title, descriptions, headings, multiple times in the main content, without compromise the logic to the audience. These are all important factors in search engine optimization.


So how to add keywords to website?

Here is a list of steps you should follow:

Step 1 – Keyword research: find the keywords that is relevant, high search volume, high commercial value, and low competition. (Here is a detailed instruction on how to do keyword research: keywords to website tool & training)

Step 2 – Create content that is closely relevant to the keyword with the intent to meet the expectation of the potential reader that search this keyword on Google and find the website.

Step 3 – Put the keyword into the important parts of the web page, which includes title, meta description and other meta element, headings and other HTML element, contents, etc. Please refer to our other post: Search Engine Optimization – How to make your website appreciated by search engines? about the details of where to put keywords to website.


FAQ regarding to “add keywords to website”

(You can send email to: to ask your question)

Question: Can I add a group of keywords to my website?

Answer: Yes, you can. But no, you cannot add them all to your home page at

Like we said above,  each web PAGE should have one focus keyword. The website can have a lot of web pages (which is actually good for website quality score if you do), and each of them has its own roll to fight for the battle of a particular keyword.

For example, an branding consulting firm in Hong Kong (Abc Brand Consulting) wants to target their business website in the following keywords for site promotion:

  • Brand Strategy Consulting
  • Smart-Phone Apps Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Exhibition Planning

A common mistake is to put a general description content about all the 4 types of services on home page at The reason is:

  1. The best title of the home page will be “Brand Strategy Consulting | Smart-Phone Apps Development | Graphic Design | Exhibition Planning | Abc Brand Consulting”, which doesn’t make any potential client feel that “This is exactly what I’m looking for!”
  2. It’s very hard to put in-depth content about all 4 topics in one page. Reader will be confused if they are searching for one particular service but come up with 3 seems-irrelevant ones.
  3. Google will also less likely to value the home page against those web pages who are focus on a particular service with more keyword density and relevant content.

Instead, the firm should add keywords to website by building different web pages for different service.

For example:

  • Build a web page at “” with title “Smart Phone Apps Development | Abc Brand Consulting”, which only talks about the benefit of smart-phone apps services
  • Build another web page at “” with title “Creative Graphic Design | Abc Brand Consulting”, which only talks about the graphic design service the firm could offer.
  • etc.

In this way, not only that each page is more clear to reader and Google, we can also build off-page SEO campaign to improve the rankings for each web pages.

Instead of hoping that people will find the home page no matter which of the 4 keywords they search, we could target to achieve the result that when people are searching for “graphic design hong kong”, they will find “”

If you have other questions about how to add keywords to website, please comment below or send email to:

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