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Posted by on Jan 14, 2011 in Facebook | 0 comments

How to make your Facebook page url more brandable

When you first set up your page on facebook, your URL look like this:

This long, ugly URL is impractical for you to tell your potential clients or biz partners about your business page. It look like a casual web page, not something that is backup with professional expertise of any industry.

Some people will use shorten URL service like or and get a URL like “” . This indeed solves the length problem, but I still have to say it doesn’t send out the message that you are serious about your business, because people are used to see such shorten URLs in their emails that could linked to anywhere.

The best way to improve this, is to get a facebook URL that has nothing but your business name, and of course, itself.

Here is how to create your brandable facebook url:

When you gather at least 25 people that like you page, facebook allow you to get something like “”, which they call it facebook alias.

Step 1: Click “Edit Page” below your page profile picture.

Step 2: Click “Marketing” on the left

Step 3: Click “Create alias”

This option is hidden when your page is new. After you’ve accumulate at least 25 “like”s, the option will show up.

The rest of the process is very straight forward. Simply follow the instruction and you will get your brandable facebook URL in less than a minute.

Something to be cautious about, though, is that you have only one shot at choosing the name. Once you confirmed, you cannot change the name in the future! (This isn’t like what it is for, where you may always change your alias name)

After you got your facebook alias, print it on your business card, and enjoy the better brand image it associate with the most popular website in the world! (When this post is written, facebook has already bypass Google in the visitor number.)

If you have any question about this, or you have more creative way to market your biz with facebook alias, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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