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Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 in Online Marketing Strategy | 0 comments

Online Marketing Strategy for Small Business: What to do if start over again?

Online Marketing Strategy for Small Business: What to do if start over again?

One of the advantage small businesses have over big corporations is that the simple structure and flexibility allow them to improved strategy more quickly. Regarding to online marketing strategy, it is easier for smaller firms to be the cutting edge of best practices.

Lots of business owner have asked me this: what should we do if we put the mess behind and start over again? How should we design our online marketing strategy from scratch? This post will list out the general guideline for you to go through, and you can use it to check if anything important was missed.

Before we start…

As a business owner, you need to have the basic vision of how do you want your business to go. Before setting up any online marketing strategy, we need to be clear of the general business strategy first.

Here are the key questions, all of which we need to have a clear, written down answer:

  • What is the target market? What’s my target customers’ age, sex, income level, etc.
  • How many such customers are their in my service region?
  • Who are my top competitors, what’s the price/service difference, and why my target customers want to buy from me?
  • What’s the potential income level of the business, and what is it right now?

Don’t skip any of the above. Until we figured out everything, solid and clear, we cannot building the online marketing structure on loose sand!


Online Marketing Strategy Part I – The Website

  1. Build a website on brand-able and keyword rich domain name
    • For example, if you are a chiropractor in hong kong, you can go for [Brand]
  2. Keyword research: keep a list of major keywords that is relevant to your business and have decent search volume. Keep track of your ranking and traffic related to these keywords.
  3. Optimize the website content to the major keywords for search engine.
  4. Collect email list: start to encourage the website visitor to leave their emails in exchange to some goodies. The email list is very crucial for your future promotion success.
    • A good method is to offer coupon every month.
    • And you should actively interact with your email list with newsletters.
  5. Make sure the phone and address are in the home page and are easy to find.
  6. Make sure that you have a mobile optimized versionof your website, which…
    • Display your most important information on the small screen so that your customers can have find the info easily with only a thumb scrolling.
    • Make your phone number click to all
    • Make your address linked to Google map, which can utilize the mobile phone GPS function
  7. Make sure the website have easy to use “contact us” information including map. Make sure the map can be linked to Google map. (Only for those who conduct service at the business location)
  8. Make sure the website contains updated information about your service/products.
    • Detailed description with pictures/videos
    • What’s the difference between your service/products vs. others
    • Social sharing button for easy sharing on Facebook and other social network
    • Testimonials
  9. Setup a content creation strategy to establish your implied expertise in your industry.

Online Marketing Strategy Part II – The Social Network

  1. Setup a Facebook page for your business
    • Claim your Business username as soon as possible and put “” on your marketing materials
  2. Integrate the Facebook page back to your website, showing…
    • Fans’ number and faces
    • (Optional) comments/discussion on Facebook wall
  3. Form a fans getting strategy:
    • Invite your existing customer base to “like” your Facebook business page.
    • Designed a customized landing page and present a Facebook special promotion to encourage people to like your facebook page
    • Use other customized page or apps to carry on an on going Facebook campaign
  4. Share your website content (which should be created regularly) on your Facebook wall.
  5. Use Facebook ad to target your targeted customer group.


If you have complete all of the above items, your online marketing strategy should has a solid ground.

How is your website currently doing? Any other step that you think is beneficial for online marketing strategy to be setup at the beginning? Please leave your comments below.

If you need help in the implementation, please contact:


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