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Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Case Studies, Featured, Search Engine Optimization | 0 comments

SEO Case Study: Could New Start-up Restaurant Out-rank Michelin 3 stars on Internet?

SEO Case Study: Could New Start-up Restaurant Out-rank Michelin 3 stars on Internet?

Author: It will be more beneficial if you understand more about search engine optimization (SEO) before reading this seo case study

In this SEO case study, we will introduce a real case in local restaurant sector.

La Maison is a small french restaurant in Hong Kong that opened in June 2010. The location is not perfect – in the crowded area, but not very visible to the people passing by. So getting exposure online or by word-of-month could be very important.

SEO Case Study: where did we start from

Right from the start, we were helping them with Google Places (this relates to the business info listing when you search a local term such as “french restaurant hong kong”). Because we were way ahead of internet marketing among all the restaurants – quite obvious as they spend more time in the kitchen, and we spend more time on internet :) – we are already ranking pretty high in the Google Map Hong Kong version 3 months later.

Notice that this was not the Google general search page, but just the “places” section. But this was a very good result already because La Maison was already at the 3rd position after two luxury hotel restaurants.

SEO Case Study: what have we added on top of that?

We started to re-build the entire internet�presence for this restaurant in early 2011. Before that, the owner only had a simple website like this:

It was a sharp and simple design, many people loved it. But again, this was not enough for the search engine, because what search engine saw was this:

As shown in the yellow notes, the information was too simple. And the keyword is a bit off the track because if people hadn’t heard about you before, they would not search for your name. What they would search is the service niche you were in – in this case, the correct keyword (after our keyword research) was “French restaurant Hong Kong”.

In the new design, we’ve included the consideration for both potential customers, added more information for both human and machines, and structure the way in seo best practice.

We’ve also built lot of external links (over 4000 from my last count) with restaurant review articles, profile pictures, videos etc. to raise the credibility in Google’s eyes. Again, as not many restaurant owners know about this, we were able to achieve very good result within a relatively short period.

SEO Case Study: what’s the result at this stage?

This is what the search result page of “french restaurant ” was like in Jun 2011 for Google Hong Kong:

And Yes, we out-ranked Caprice, which is the only French restaurant that received 3 stars in Michelin in Hong Kong.

And if you search “french restaurant hong kong”, which is number 1 suggested terms if you start to type “french res…” in the input box of Google, you will get this:

seo case study Google result - french restaurant hong kong (notes)


We had got multiple top positions on the 1st page! Another one is from video sites that we had submitted videos (with seo of course)

This is a very good seo case study showing that if you go smart about it, a general keyword in still possible, even though your competitions are rich!


I started my restaurant business more than one year ago, wanting to promote our restaurant via internet but not sure how. Until I was introduced to GetMoreBizOnline, they understood my needs and also provided me with a professional advice and the best of all, accurate and precise execution.

In less than 3 months, we were already at the front page of Google search and high rank amongst other search engine and also social network. I was so impressed of their work and until now we are still maintaining that position.

Most important of all, their solution had generated continuous business to my restaurant from various sources, and some in which that I would not have imagined and surprised after asking my customers where and how they found us.

I never hesitated to recommend to all my business friends to GetMoreBizOnline.


For more detailed on how search engine optimization works, please refer to our post:

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Want to boost your own website like the restaurant in this seo case study? contact:




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